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Charcuterie, Cheese, Cutting Boards & Home Decor

Pyrography artwork sign
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gnome holding a christmas tree

Order your favorite board today!

We have 5 pages of boards for you to view. Pick a design and a board shape. We will create it for you. 

Give as a special gift.

Designs include Butterflies, Calla Lily, Hummingbirds, Lavendar, Pumpkin, Wheat, Grapevines, Snowman, Gnomes and a Flying Duck.

Check back to see more designs.

Choose from a variety of shapes and designs.

All our original artwork is free handed woodburned on solid maple boards by Larry Stover.

Each board starts with a basic design with various details added to make every board unique. 

You can get the perfect size to display on your counter, wall or to fill it with lots of special treats. Give it for a gift to that someone special including a unique saying woodburned into it. 

The pictures on this site represent an approximate woodburning, coloring and staining you can expect. Each maple board has its own unique wood characteristics.

You can get a straight handle with slight finger grooves for that great touch. Choose a right or left handed curved handle that includes a large angled thumb hole for extra control when lifting your board. Wrap your design around the handle.

Add a personalized free-handed woodburned message for that special occasion to your board (even in your own hand writing style).

We may also have a board ready to ship that matches your order request.

The board featured on this page has a free handed woodburned Gnome holding a Christmas tree. A white stain, black stain and brown tone stains were added including pencil colorings on the ornaments. The maple board has a dark brown background stain followed by multiple coates of Butcher Block Oil and Finish (FDA Compliant Food Safe Contact). The pencil colorings also have multiple coates of UV Archival Varnish applied. 

Visit us again as we will be adding more boards with new designs for holidays and special events. is the art website for Lois & Larry Stover's business Stover Imaging. Coloring the woodburned artwork is provided by Lois. Pyrography (woodburning) and creating the board shapes are done by Larry. Together they provide inspiration for new design ideas including their original artwork. Look for their initials (LA LJ) on the back of your special board.