Charcuterie, Cheese, Cutting and Home Decor Boards - We create free handed woodburned artwork on solid maple boards. Ask us about creating a unique board for you or as a gift.

Click on the page links below to view a variety of boards to choose from. Please note that not all boards are in stock and the ones that are may be a little different than the one shown. We will be happy to set up a zoom meeting for you to view available boards in stock.

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lavendar woodburned on a maple home decor board

Sample board: This home decor board was made for displaying in the top section of a standalone pantry that has seeded glass and white led lights.

It is 9 inches wide, 14 1/2 inches tall and 3/4 inch thick.  Woodburning of lavendar with blended pencil colorings makes it pop. A special saying was also woodburned.

Ask us what we can create for you.

Getting started: 
Start by viewing our boards on this website.  The size of the boards can be changed to meet your needs. A narrow board works great with a narrow table. Wide long boards hold lots of goodies.

Visit our ordering page to add comments and/or request any changes that you would like.

Selecting boards:
Select the width of the board (5 1/2" , 7, 9", 11" or another size") that works for you. Determine approximately how long you would like the board to be. Choose a shape and handle style. Straight handles come with a 3/8" hole so it can be displayed on a wall and can have slight finger grips. Curved handles have an angled 1" hole so your thumb will comfortably slide in it and give you better control when lifting the board. Of course you can also request different hole sizes.

Boards can be made with a beveled end oposite the handle to make picking up the board from a flat surface much easier. The 5 1/2 " wide boards are 1 1/2" thick and also have a beveled end at the handle. This lets your fingers get a better grip under the board while it is on a flat surface. The 7" to 11" boards are 3/4" thick.

Adding artwork:

Choose the artwork you would like from designs shown on this site. The basic outline of the art work (hummingbird, butterfly, calla lily, grapevine, leaves, lavendar, pumpkin etc) is free-handed woodburned and will vary a little bit. The detailed woodburning and shading are always different. For instance, the feathers on the hummingbird, the placement of the branches, individual grapes, how the grapevine wraps around the branches and handle are all done without a pattern to follow. Check back as we will be creating more artwork for our boards.

Adding coloring:
Coloring the artwork may include blending several colors. You are also welcome to suggest a color scheme. We use Prismacolor colored pencils and have all 150 to choose from. Two coates of UV archival spray applied to the colored artwork helps preserve your board's beautiful colors. Only the colored areas of artwork are sprayed with the help of a mat with cut outs for the artwork. Any overspray is meticulously removed.

Adding Stain:
Staining to produce a light, medium or dark tone can be applied to your board. A dark stain can be applied outside the woodburned artwork and a light stain within the artwork or vice versa instead of adding coloring. See board 6 for an example of using 2 different stains. This is one of Lois's favorite boards that she likes to use. Brown tinted stains are shown, but other colors are available.

Finishing your board:
We apply 2 coates of Butcher Block Oil & Finish which is FDA compliant safe for food contact. You may also request to skip the finishing and apply your own finishing method once you get your board. is the art website for Lois & Larry Stover's business Stover Imaging. Coloring the woodburned art work is provided by Lois. Pyrography (woodburning) and creating the board shapes are done by Larry. Together they provide inspiration for new design ideas and their original art work. Look for their initials (LA LJ) on the back of your special board.